Several finished products show
2021-06-09 09:16:46

I will share the products delivered in the last few days. look at every umbrellas ,oh ,I like it. Now they are on the way of delivery one after another, and they will soon be with their owner.

Folding transparent cloud umbrella, very cute and sunny, it will appear on the streets of Singapore soon

Folding transparent cloud umbrella

The green color is very beautiful, the focus is the white logo ,wow simply perfect !Seipi couldn’t wait to send me a message after receiving it. I want to praise it.

The red 51-inch golf umbrella is a corporate umbrella from Ireland’s T. Madden Motors Ltd. I think it must be cool to ride his motorcycle.

Gray 12 ribs, wooden handle, light gray umbrella fabric with golden logo, especially suitable for the current weather in Australia

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