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Use custom transparent umbrellas with your company logo to ensure customer safety. The custom transparent umbrella has a transparent panel, so you can clearly see what is in front of you without peeking under the umbrella, helping to prevent slips and falls, and making it easier for you to cross busy streets with heavy traffic. When you put your company logo on a customized transparent umbrella, your logo will stand out from the sea of pure black umbrellas crowded on the street.

In addition to all transparent panels, we can also provide promotional translucent umbrellas, which are solid color panels and a transparent panel to provide more privacy and security, and you can see the front clearly.

Suitable for year-round promotions or trade shows, promotional transparent umbrellas are an economical and effective way to promote your business. No matter which method you use, customers will appreciate your thoughtful and practical gifts. Order transparent umbrellas in bulk online now!
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