Customized umbrella marketing plan
- 2021-09-14 16:54:21
Custom umbrellas are very suitable for all types of marketing activities and are value-added gifts with high retention rates. When you need high-quality branded gifts that can stand the test of time, the logo umbrella is the perfect solution. Umbrellas have been carefully designed to look exquisite and durable. During their shelf life of 14 months or more, they have left more than 1,100 valuable impressions!

Inverted umbrella

Although the basic function of inverted umbrellas is to protect users from rain and rain, they are still a fashionable choice in summer because they can be opened in crowded places without poking others, making them the best space savers. Choose from a variety of styles, including solid colors or show off the wild sense of fashion by distributing these leopard print umbrellas.

inverted umbrella

GOLF umbrellas
Customized golf umbrellas produce widely-used and very popular handouts that will always exist. These custom umbrellas are ideal for any business event and occasion, and a great way for the major golf community to interact with your brand. In a country where golf is a passion and lifestyle, giveaways like custom umbrellas will be a good choice to build a rapport with your audience in a subtle and fun way.
golf umbrella
Mini umbrella
Mini umbrellas are available in many different sizes, models and materials, making them a companion for travelers. These umbrellas will be folded into a compact size for users to carry in a bag or purse. Undoubtedly, the logos and messages you printed on these umbrellas will attract the attention of everyone around you. Whether you choose to print on a panel or a spare panel, your information on these panels will easily attract attention.
mini umbrella
If you are looking for a low-key display, you can choose to print your logo or message on the inner awning, umbrella handle or even suitcase. Whether you want to use the entire canopy to locate your information, a single panel or a spare panel, SUSINO custom umbrellas will be your perfect choice.
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