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- 2021-09-07 15:33:06
Traveling can free you from daily life, explore different places, and promote your personal growth. Getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing different environments can boost your self-esteem, improve your social life, give you a sense of autonomy, and make you more responsible. Travel plans can help you set a budget, pack important items, and prioritize your activities. Many people forget to bring umbrellas when packing or carrying various items, such as clothes, socks, flip-flops, mobile phone chargers, water bottles, etc. Ideally, travel umbrellas should be small, light, portable, and strong enough to cope with bumps and bumps during the journey.

A travel umbrella can:
Provide protection from rainstorms for backpackers
It is lighter than your jacket
Provide some shade on the beach on a hot summer day
More breathable than raincoat or jacket
Working in a blizzard
Prevent the sun's ultraviolet rays
Can be used as a universal stick.
To travel, you can bring the following custom umbrellas for travel:
Automatic opening and closing umbrella
With these customized automatic opening and closing umbrellas, you can provide you with the ultimate convenience of opening and closing umbrellas at the touch of a button. These umbrellas can be folded into a compact size when not in use, and can be easily packed into a bag.
Choose from various models of self-opening umbrellas that are strong and windproof. The model with fiberglass ribs and frame is lighter and does not add too much weight to the travel bag. Self-opening umbrella is a great choice for people on business trips.

Inverted umbrella
With the advent of reverse umbrellas designed to keep the wet surface of the umbrella away from the user's body, rain and wet umbrellas have become part of history. The best part is that it keeps the rainwater in the folds of the umbrella, instead of spilling it on the floor. Incredible color choices and designs such as leopard print are another reason that makes these umbrellas the first choice for travel.

Mini travel umbrella
The travel umbrella will protect you from the sun and rain. It has a high-density canopy, which means it can quickly drop water droplets. The vinyl coating resists UV rays and protects your skin from sunburn. The SUSINO mini folding umbrella is only palm-sized when folded. The umbrella body is only as big as one hand and can be held with one hand. It can be carried with you in your clothes pocket.

UV protection travel umbrella
You may be very worried about walking around in the heat on your next trip, but don't want to bring a travel umbrella-you might rather just bring a hat. But with an umbrella, you are really protecting yourself-you can protect more! Your shoulders, neck, arms, and even your feet will have some shadows. We recommend the SUSINO parasol because it has an awning that can protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. Protect yourself from the sun-but don't waste luggage space.

Click SUSINO to learn more about travel umbrellas.
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