The composition of the umbrella
- 2021-09-02 16:58:44
paits of umbrellaSince the invention of the umbrella, it has always been an important part of our daily life. We believe that we cannot live without an umbrella in a day. In order to serve well in different applications and achieve goals within everyone's price range, umbrellas have been improvised throughout history. Everyone is familiar with umbrellas, such as folding umbrella, inverted umbrella, children umbrella, golf umbrella, clear umbrella and custom umbrella,etc. but do we know the names and functions of various parts of umbrellas?

The umbrella cover is generally composed of 8 panel parts, which can be printed and decorated with any pattern. This is the part that keeps you dry or dark. The canopy is usually made of pongee, which is a high-grade polyester with acrylic coating on the bottom and scratch-resistant finish on the top. Pongee umbrellas can withstand heavy rain, dry quickly, and are easy to fold. There are many colors to choose from. Each panel is individually cut, printed and sewn to the ribs.
Digital or screen-printed artwork on the panel is possible, and in most cases, it happens before the umbrella is built. The fabric can also be matched and dyed before being cut and shaped.
The outer cover is the top of the umbrella facing the rain or the sun. The inner awning, which can also be printed or dyed, is the inside of the umbrella that the user looks up when opening the umbrella.

Handle The handle of the umbrella makes it easy and convenient to carry and hold in wet conditions. There are two main types of handles. The first is the hook handle, which is shaped like a hook, also known as the hook handle. The hook handle design of the umbrella can not only hold the umbrella handle in the rain, but also put your umbrella on your arm, allowing you to free your hands. The hook also allows you to hang the umbrella to dry. You can still find many umbrellas with hook handles, but now many modern umbrellas have rubber handles. When it rains, rubber provides a durable and comfortable handle. The second type of handle is a straight handle. Many times, modern straight umbrellas have a nylon loop, which can be worn on your wrist to free your hands and make you feel more comfortable.

The top or top of the umbrella, above the awning, is called a ferrule. Depending on the umbrella type, it can be decorative, flat or any other design. There is a wooden ferrule with a metal cover, a fiberglass tip for golf umbrellas, and a flat shell ferrule for telescopic umbrellas.

Made of pongee fabric, the color is the same as the umbrella panel. Unless otherwise specified, the tie is a small strip of fabric wrapped around the closed umbrella. The tie usually uses a popper to close the package and keep the canopy closed and tidy when not in use. Woven or printed labels can also be added to the tie wrap to customize the umbrella, and the popper can also be different colors or embossed.

Pulley: The pulley is a part of the umbrella. When you open and close it, it will slide up and down on the tube or pole of the umbrella. It is a T-shaped joint that allows the umbrella to fold up.

Bottom spring: The bottom spring is a spring placed at the bottom of the shaft (above the handle). The bottom spring allows the umbrella to open and close.

Center spring (only for telescopic type): The center spring allows the umbrella pole to be shorter or longer, and plays a role in the opening movement of the umbrella. Not all umbrellas are retractable, so not all umbrellas have a central spring.

Top spring: The top spring is located at a higher position on the shaft, but when the umbrella is in the open position, the top spring is located below the pulley. The top spring allows the umbrella to open and close.

Tube: The tube is the space between the umbrella shaft and the umbrella top when the umbrella is in the open position.

Umbrella rib: The umbrella rib extends from the top notch to the seam of the umbrella cover and supports the umbrella cover. When the umbrella is opened, the ribs give the awning a bubble shape.

Stretcher: A stretcher is something that stretches the awning when the umbrella is in the open position. The stretcher starts from the runner and connects to the top.

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