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- 2021-09-23 09:43:36
When the golfer walks through the golf course, the golf umbrella is an important item in the golfer's bag. It not only protects their heads from rain and sunlight, but also protects caddies from natural disasters. Owning a good golf umbrella can half the work of a golfer, because it can help him stay focused, play and stay natural. Large golf umbrellas are also a great choice for regular use. The huge canopy and brilliant color choices will easily attract people's attention; even in heavy rain, you can even move in groups, because these huge umbrellas can hold more than one! Marketers can ensure that their messages or artwork printed on them are displayed in a wide angle, and their recipients have a sturdy and reliable umbrella on hand. So this is a complete win-win situation!

What are the characteristics of a good golf umbrella?
1. The big mark space
The large canopy doubles as a high visibility billboard for your information. The bigger your umbrella, the more protection you get from it. Ideally, golf umbrellas should be lightweight, easy to carry, and durable enough to withstand the wind conditions on the green. Add your logo, slogan, quotes, artwork, and anything you want to convey to your audience to promote events, product launches, or promotions. Be creative with some interesting designs and colors to make sure it stands out in any crowd. The size of these custom umbrellas is incredible, and it's hard for anyone passing by to miss it!
2. Wind resistance
Wind resistance is an important aspect of golf umbrellas to consider. Breathable models and double-top umbrellas will have a ventilation system that allows air to flow through the umbrella to eliminate wind resistance. It can keep the umbrella upright even in strong winds.
3. Fabric
Although it is obvious that umbrellas are waterproof, the degree of waterproofness may vary. Golf umbrellas are made of various fabrics, such as polyester, nylon, pongee and PVC. You can choose the model that meets your needs.
In contrast, nylon is the most expensive, by pongee, and polyester is the cheapest. Pongee has the highest durability, UV protection and water resistance. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable golf umbrella to ensure the best protection in the sun and rain, pongee fabric will be a good choice.
Nylon has a smooth, wrinkle-free appearance, while the polyester cover may have a rough texture.
4. Frame
A strong frame made of fiberglass or aluminum can maintain good condition in extreme weather conditions. Golf umbrellas with a fiberglass frame are favored for their wind and lightning resistance and flexibility. Another advantage of these umbrellas is that they are lightweight and non-corrosive.
The aluminum frame is heavy, strong and economical. The rugged construction of these golf umbrellas also makes them most suitable for commercial and residential applications.
Wooden frames have a retro look and are heavier than aluminum and fiberglass frames.
5. Color and design
Brightly colored umbrellas are more conspicuous and easy to attract attention. The information you printed on these umbrellas will also receive more attention. When they have a brightly colored umbrella, golfers can ensure that they are tracked and monitored during the game. This will give them more confidence and build their own fan base.

If you need more information about golf umbrellas to make an informed decision, please feel free to contact SUSINO umbrella product experts.
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