Choosing a clolorful children umbrella
- 2021-10-11 11:30:00
We have prepared exquisite costumes for the children. Wet days can be disappointing, especially when you promise to take your children out to play, but the weather disappoints them. Fortunately, young children are easily satisfied with bright colors and interesting clothing. Susino sells all kinds of exquisite umbrellas, so you can let your children bring bright and interesting children's umbrellas.

Children’s umbrellas come in various shapes and sizes, so how do you choose which one to buy for your child?

First, don't let the appearance of things distract you from practicality. You might find a very interesting person with ears and a tail! But if it does not work well, you may give your child a weapon instead of an umbrella.

Umbrellas for children should not have spikes, because they can easily harm other children. It is best to choose a style with a round plastic tip.

Look at the mechanism. It may turn off automatically with just one button, but if your child would grab her little finger every time she comes back from the game, you could have avoided tears. Whether it is automatically closed or manually closed, smooth and gentle movements are required.

Consider umbrella handles that are covered and smooth instead of sharp and rough. Children’s hands are easily injured. If you want them to use an umbrella properly, it must feel comfortable and safe.

children cartoon umbrella
Features of Little Yellow Duck Children's Sun Umbrella:
High-quality umbrella cloth: super waterproof
Non-contact opening and closing: the umbrella bone is firm, and the umbrella is retracted by pulling it without touching the buckle, making it safer to use
Round umbrella beads: exquisitely polished, does not hurt children. Cute printing: special treatment is not easy to fade
children's transparent long handle umbrella
Features of children's transparent long handle umbrella:
Windproof and rustproof umbrella stand, round umbrella beads, smooth handle, easy to grasp
8 steel reinforced iron umbrella stands, flexible and wind-resistant, not easy to rust, not afraid of wind and rain
Durable, round and wear-resistant umbrella head
Semi-automatic opening and closing, smooth and hands-free
Equipped with anti-lost brand
children inverted umbrella
Children's boy and girl cartoon anti-umbrella features:
Cartoon umbrella design, thickened umbrella surface, windproof iron long bones
Ultra-light umbrella stand and C-shaped handle
Cute cartoon children’s reverse umbrella, plus rainproof, better shelter, let your children enjoy the world in the rain
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