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UMBRELLA CUSTOMIZATION Susino help make your business leave a lasting impression with umbrellas unlike any other. We have been collaborating for many years with businesses, bringing the perfect shade to hotels, restaurants, country clubs and other businesses worldwide. 25 years experience for custom umbrellas and umbrella manufacturing, a variety of styles of umbrella models for you to select, including straight umbrellas, folding umbrellas, golf umbrellas etc. that can be adapted to various occasions.You can provide LOGO, company name,TEXT, print on a certain surface of the umbrella, or provide a picture to cover the entire surface of the umbrella or the inside of the umbrella, both can be customized, LOW MOQ, Looking for a promotional items than will fit your budget? looking for a gift to impress your customers? With us you will surely find the customization promotional items that will be perfect for your marketing campaign. Custom Umbrella Solutions 1. Corporate Brand Promotional Umbrella | Custom umbrella with logo When you need branded gifts, high-quality corporate brand umbrellas are the perfect solution. Our fast printing service for logo umbrellas provides services for brand umbrellas of various styles and colors. We offer brand umbrellas ranging from oversized golf umbrellas to folding umbrellas. The promotional umbrellas we print are ideal for trade shows, events, hotels and any company that wants to promote their products. 2. Design your photo on the umbrella | Custom printed umbrella According to the pattern you provide, you can customize and print your own umbrella, which can be printed both inside and outside. Contact us to make your own printed umbrella. 3. Custom umbrella | For different material, style, size, custom umbrella with different handles We design fully customized umbrellas, including all details from fabric colors to customized handles. We provide customized umbrella manufacturing services to create unique umbrellas suitable for your brand or promotional activities. Customize your personal umbrellas, custom umbrellas for your business. Whether you have specific brand colors or you want to add your own logo, you can make it yours. Safe & Reliable. Quality Assurance.

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  • Customer Case Study: Ilse from the Netherlands
    Customer Case Study: Ilse from the Netherlands Jun. 02,2023
    Ilse, a customer from the Netherlands, recently approached our company for a custom wooden handle golf umbrella. She had a specific design in mind, wanting an umbrella with an incomplete circular patt...
  • Embrace the beauty of nature with our printed umbrellas
    Embrace the beauty of nature with our printed umbrellas May. 22,2023
    Rebecca, an avid nature lover from the US, has always been fascinated by the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Rebecca's deep understanding of nature drives her to find ways to bring the essence...
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Susino Umbrella Limited Company While being global umbrella brand operator, is a professional manufacturer of developing, designing, producing, processing and selling umbrellas and also the biggest umbrella trading company in China. With its extensive marketing network at home and abroad, it manages to sell its products to over 180 countries and areas. The brand SUSINO has been renowned as “China’s Famous Brand”, “China’s Famous Exporting Brand”, “China’s Famous Label” etc. Susino Umbrella Limited Company, the umbrella manufacturing headquarter, is located in Andong Industry Zone, Jinjiang Economic Development Area, Fujian Province, China and generates around 1 billion RMB a year.Susino Umbrella Limited Company was listed in 2007 at Shenzhen Stock Exchange with the stock symbol: 0021174, Susino Umbrella, becoming the first listed company in China’s umbrella industry. As the biggest umbrella company in the industry with the most impeccable product chain. Factory Independent professional development and design Quality Certificate Partners
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