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Inverted Umbrella

Long handle large double layer reverse umbrella
reverse double layer umbrella
reverse double layer umbrella
reverse double layer umbrella

Long handle large double layer reverse umbrella

Men's and women's large sunshade and sunscreen reverse umbrellas, logo printing can be customized.

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Long handle large double layer reverse umbrella

Double layer reverse umbrella feature:

  • Category: Reverse Umbrella
  • Fabric: pongee
  • Weight: 507G
  • Application: 1-2 people
  • Color: pink, blue, navy blue, red or printing

Double layer reverse umbrella details:
One-handed operation, just 1 second, get in and get out of the car. Or you can open the umbrella with one hand by pressing lightly while holding the mobile phone, which is simple and convenient.

The double-layer umbrella surface is more wind-resistant, the wet surface is retracted inward, and the dry surface is facing outwards. It is not afraid of getting wet.

Penetrating the pressure relief hole and air leakage treatment make the umbrella stronger in the storm.

The double-layer water-repellent high-density pongee can effectively block the infiltration of rainwater.

We are a professional umbrella factory, providing customized creative reverse umbrellas, you can choose the color, or provide pictures for customization. Consult today for a quote.

Customize now

Customized umbrellas with your Art file ( logo/image/text ), we can accept all type files

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(The file cannot be larger than 4M, and the file format must be *.pdf, *.ppt, *.xls, *.docx, *.png, *.jpg, *.AI)

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