Personalized Photography Umbrella

Personalized Photography Umbrella

Dec 13, 2023

Nigel, a distinguished photographer and designer from Australia, wanted to turn his unique photography into a range of unique and functional souvenirs and gifts. Umbrellas, as a common item, became his ideal creative choice.
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Needs and Challenges:
Nigel's brief was to incorporate his photography into the umbrella's design to create a souvenir that was both practical and artistic. He hopes that each umbrella can show the essence of the photographic work, maintaining high quality and image detail.

Initial communication: Our customer service team conducted preliminary communication with Nigel and learned in detail about his design wishes, budget and time requirements.
Design Cooperation: Our designers have a deep understanding of Nigel's photography style and work closely with him to ensure that the details of each image are fully displayed on the umbrella.
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Sample production: We completed preliminary samples based on the design to ensure that the printing effect of the pattern, color reproduction, and the overall texture of the umbrella meet the customer's expectations.
Customer Feedback: Nigel was pleased with the preliminary samples and we made fine adjustments based on his feedback to ensure the final product met his expectations exactly.

We created a series of bespoke umbrellas for Nigel, each one a unique work of art. The photographic works are accurately printed on the umbrella, maintaining the artistic feel of the original work while ensuring the practicality of the umbrella.
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Nigel was very satisfied with our design and service, saying that these umbrellas not only satisfied his pursuit of personalized souvenirs, but also successfully integrated his photography into daily life.

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