Works Show

Works Show

Jun 09, 2021

Mis Bec from The Calile Hotel in Queensland, Australia. When her contacted me to customized umbrellas for their Hotel, I checked her website for the first time to learn about the information and style of their hotel. I thought of the straight umbrella,with wooden shaft and wooden curved hook handle, and mach their brand-colored umbrella fabric  will be great. Ms. Bec quickly decided to place a sample order. After 3 days of preparation, 5 days of  Delivery time, within a week, BEC really received a big surprise, very satisfied with the sample  umbrella, and immediately submitted a large order

customized umbrellas

Tim Lew, also from Queensland, Australia, is an early entrepreneur who wants to order  some umbrellas to promote his company and website. I recommended him a 51-inch golf umbrella, all-glass fiber ribs and shaft. The quantity is small but  the company has just started, so it is necessary to present it to customers with the best quality, so as to win applause and flowers. Tim adopted my suggestion. Tim Lew also promised to wait for his career to get on track. He will find us again to order more umbrellas, and I am also looking forward to working with him again

golf umbrella

And ARENA, a real estate company from Perth, Western Australia, requires that the color of the customized umbrella must be exactly the same as their brand color. A slight color difference is not allowed. We ask him to provide a high-definition brand LOGO and a matching Pantone color number. , Using digital printing technology, perfectly fulfilled their custom requirements, ARENA is also very satisfied after receiving the umbrella.

big golf umbrella

Last ,I want to talk about a customer who is also from Australia. After communicating on the phone in December 2020, I found that she is a very strict person. She asked all the details very carefully. Sure enough, from the beginning of the design drawing,  It has been repeatedly modified, and the quality of the umbrella, printing quality, and sewing process are all very demanding, even if there is a small thread. She needs to order double-layer golf umbrella straight handle,  golf umbrella with hook handle, and  folding umbrella with a cute duck-shaped handle.

We are an enterprise specializing in manufacturing umbrellas for 25 years. We have the most advanced technology and the most experienced workers. We are not afraid of challenges, and we have completed customer orders perfectly. We look forward to more cooperation next time.

double-layer golf umbrella

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