The process for the order of transparent umbrella
2021-03-04 17:22:11

The time span of this order is a bit long. Now i just record the process of this order

At 21:49 in the evening of November 22, 2020, I suddenly saw a Jian’s friend adding me to Wechat. I was a little impressed. He sent me an inquiry at Daytime

I immediately approved and started talking with him. He first asked me in Chinese if I was an umbrella supplier. He can spoke Chinese, which shocked me. I immediately replied,"yes, I am an umbrella supplier, do you want to order umbrellas?"

He said, "Yes, but can I express it in English? I can't speak much Chinese."

I said: "Yes, Please speak English"

Then he asked about our MOQ and his need to customize a folding umbrella made of transparent material, and sent me pictures to see if I could meet his requirements.

Insert picture

I answered him and told him that our minimum order quantity is 24. The folding umbrella of transparent umbrella fabric(POE) can also be made. Our designer can give him free design drawings, but we have to wait for Monday. Today is Saturday, the designer is on weekendd holiday. Ah.Then it’s very late to talk here, it’s time to say good night

I went to work on Monday. Our designer designed the printed drawings and renderings according to Jain's requirements. I made a quotation based on this design and sent it to Jain.

Jian saw the design drawings and renderings of the umbrella and was very satisfied. We also discussed the price because this umbrella is  original and unique. It should not be the same price as other ordinary umbrellas, so Finally, Jian agreed to my suggestion and asked to make a sample first. After I charged Jian's sample cost on PAYPAL, I started to arrange proofing.

The sample came out after 5 days, oh, the first time I got the umbrella, I found a problem. The printing factory printed the LOGO wrong. Originally, only one side needs to be printed. Now the logo is printed on all 8 sides... ... Except for this, there are no other problems.

I honestly confessed this mistake to Jian and really apologized to my colleague for his carelessness

Jian said it’s okay, send him the sample, and he has to test the quality

Really thank Jian for his tolerance, I am happy to send the sample

It was 2 weeks after Jian received the sample. He tested it for 2 days and told me that he found the umbrella arm is a bit bend. I asked him to show me the video, and I forwarded it to our colleagues in the technical department for testing. A colleague from the technical department said that the groove of the rib is too thin. If you change to a thicker rib, you won’t have this problem.

So I recommended another umbrella with a thicker rib to Jian and tested it, and it proved that it is indeed stronger.

The umbrella has been upgraded and our cost has also increased. In order to express our sincerity in cooperating with our customers, we did not raise the price for Jian this time. We still made it for him according to the price on the first quotation. So Jian  place the order smoothly

I am really happy to reach the cooperation with Jian on the last day of 2020. Let us welcome the new year coming

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