What you need most for hiking: Walking umbrella
- 2021-07-14 09:14:58
Many people like hiking and mountain climbing. So, what do you need to bring? You need a walking umbrella to cope with all kinds of bad weather.

Most of the available hiking raincoats are rarely completely rainproof and not always breathable, so there will be so much sweat between your skin and the outer layer that they become useless. You can try to use a lightweight umbrella. This not only prevents rain, but also prevents sweat, because you stay cool while hiking.

Another benefit that is rarely discussed is that umbrellas also provide important sun protection. I know how easy it is for you to be fooled into thinking that the sun is not burning when you are hiking in the summer, and how easy it is to feel cool in the strong wind at high altitude. However, if the sun comes out, you will still be burned, no matter how cool you feel. However, using an umbrella as a parasol is a good choice.

A good auto open walking umbrella can not only prevent the face, neck and ears from being sunburned, but also lower the temperature of the head. While providing shade, the hat can indeed absorb the heat escaping from the head. The ability of air to circulate around the head helps in the cooling process and ventilation. This helps to reduce the amount of water used in the head, so your body temperature is lowered, so your need for water is reduced.

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