How to choose a sun umbrella for walking
- 2021-07-16 11:30:49
Umbrellas are indispensable items in daily life and can protect you from the sun and the downpour at the same time. A good sun umbrella can keep you dry and clean in a downpour and keep you stable in a strong wind. There are many functions to consider when looking for the ideal umbrella for you. The best UV umbrella should have UPF 50+ certification. UPF stands for UV protection factor, which is a standard used to measure how much UV radiation can be reduced by fabrics.

UPF rating

Let me explain, UPF stands for UV protection factor rating, and it provides important information about how much of the sun’s harmful UV rays may penetrate the fabric and may harm your skin.
The fabric sunscreen should not be pulled too tightly, as it may become thin and transparent, resulting in poor results.
When the item gets wet, its effect may be significantly reduced.
The old item should be replaced because it may lose its ability to protect you from these rays. Keep buying a new one!


Umbrella prices range from small change to hundreds of dollars for some brands.
You are looking for a quality umbrella that will not spread out on you when you need it, or turn over on a windy day (please, I know you have seen this before!).
Looking for a good quality umbrella within your budget is always the ideal start, but if you think that a higher price umbrella will provide better quality, then don't be afraid to spend a little more.

Wind resistance

Keep in mind that a large umbrella may give you more coverage area, but it can be bad in high wind conditions. If the canopy is not made properly, it may be overturned by high winds. The compact canopy has stronger wind resistance and will return to normal within a few seconds. SUSINO's umbrellas are available in UV folding umbrell  models, which are very suitable for strong winds and at the same time provide you with a larger awning coverage. Even with a windproof canopy, the structure of the canopy requires high quality to hold the canopy in place. Many umbrella manufacturers use a 6-rib structure, which has a low ability to withstand strong winds. Some manufacturers use 10-rib structures that are more stable but have low wind resistance. The 10-rib structure can easily damage the canopy because it cannot effectively provide space for the wind.
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