Custom Umbrellas: Increase Your Brand Influence
- 2021-07-29 17:51:46

Umbrellas are insincerely important in people's lives. Whether it is sunny or rainy, you need an umbrella. It is versatile, practical and your customers will use it every day. It promotes your brand to the general public, otherwise they might not see it! Handouts like custom umbrellas can not only be used for sun protection and rain protection, but also enhance the user's outdoor style, and at the same time serve as a corporate mobile promotion.


Golf/walking umbrella

Susino provides wholesale golf umbrellas. You can wholesale umbrellas of different colors. We have high-quality black golf umbrellas, red umbrellas, etc. In addition, if you plan to order golf umbrellas for different purposes, we can also meet your needs, such as sun protection golf umbrellas, promotional golf umbrellas, windproof golf umbrellas, etc. We also provide umbrellas of different sizes and materials. Tell us your requirements. Your advertisement will attract attention on our golf umbrella.


Transparent umbrella

Use custom transparent umbrellas with your company's logo to ensure customer safety. The custom transparent umbrella has a transparent panel that allows you to clearly see what is ahead without peeking under the umbrella, helps prevent slips and falls, and makes it easier for you to cross busy streets with heavy traffic. When you put your company logo on a custom transparent umbrella, your logo will stand out from the sea ofpure black umbrellas crowded on the street.

 Suitable for year-round promotions or trade shows, promotional transparent umbrellas are a cost-effective way to promote your business. No matter which method you use, customers will appreciate your thoughtful and practical gifts.


Children umbrella

As we all know, children like to bring these exquisite promotional umbrellas to schools or camps, and don’t mind introducing them to teachers and friends. For everything to go smoothly, all you need to do is print these umbrellas in bright colors to encourage their attention and attract others.

 Here, we provide a variety of styles, shapes and designs of children's umbrellas for you to choose from, so that children and their parents are full of smiles. Most of these children’s umbrellas use cute animal shapes or patterns, which are very suitable as gifts for trade shows, birthday parties, fancy dress parties or school events. To be sure, these kids will use it more frequently, which will provide you with free advertising. While working hard to produce the best and cutest umbrellas for children, we also pay great attention to quality. These umbrellas are excellent value for money.


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