Custom inverted umbrella: to provide you with the best protection
- 2021-08-04 17:44:57

Umbrella splashing may bother you very much in summer. Ordinary umbrellas can easily make the car and indoors wet. At this time, you need an inverted umbrella to help you.


Inverted umbrellas are what they sound like. They work like an ordinary umbrella-some are manual, some are automatic-but when you close it, it will turn over-turn itself upside down when it is closed, and turn the umbrella when it is closed. Push the water and wet surface away from you, let you and your clothes and shoes to dry.


Why use a reverse umbrella?

An "inverted umbrella" or "inverted umbrella" has a frame that folds inward, which means that most of the raindrops will run toward the center instead of falling off your arms. It is also more practical to open and close in small spaces (such as store entrances, next to cars in parking lots, and public transportation). When you are not using an umbrella, it can stand on its own, which means you are unlikely to wet your legs or find that the umbrella has rolled to the floor and collected who knows what.


Custom-made inverted umbrellas are great gifts for customers, executives and employees. We provide a selection of inverted umbrellas, waiting for your company logo or graphic personalization. We have customized inverted umbrellas, with a variety of colors and color combinations to choose from to match or enhance any company color scheme.


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