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Custom Portable Mini 8 Folding Sun Umbrella
Folding Mini Travel Umbrella
Folding Mini Travel Umbrella
Folding Mini Travel Umbrella

Custom Portable Mini 8 Folding Sun Umbrella

Portable Mini umbrella can be conveniently placed in your backpack, purse or suitcase. It is easy to carry and very suitable for travel.
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Custom Portable Mini 8 Folding Sun Umbrella

Mini folding umbrella features:

Fabric: Impact cloth

Umbrella type: folding sun umbrella, mini umbrella, sun umbrella

Number of ribs: 8

Umbrella rib material: fiberglass

Weight: about 400g

Print LOGO: yes

Open method: manual

Closing method: manual

Pprtable Mini umbrella details:

U-shaped handle: comfortable grip

Ergonomic design, not only beautiful, but also more practical

Lotus leaf effect, dry with a shake

High-quality impact cloth, strong water repellency in contact with water, water droplets do not stay, and dry after a shake

Susino is a manufacturer specializing in the production of umbrellas, specializing in the production and sales of golf umbrellas, gift advertising umbrellas, folding umbrellas, sun umbrellas, children umbrellas, etc.

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