Why choose a big umbrella
- 2021-03-30 09:17:39
Umbrellas have existed for centuries. The idea of raising a foldable canopy above the head to prevent rain or sunlight can be traced back to the first and second centuries of ancient China, when the emperor proudly propped an umbrella over his head when performing ceremonial duties .

The word umbrella is derived from the Latin word Umbra, which means shadow. Initially, it was designed mainly to prevent the sun. In the more modern era, it has greatly evolved into a variety of designs and sizes, with the main purpose of protecting transportation vehicles from rain.

The humble umbrella has now become a very necessary and practical item to own. If you plan to buy an umbrella, there are many reasons why you should consider using a Huge Golf Umbrella.

Canopy size is very important
The canopy or the fabric covering the ribs can be measured by one of the following two methods. Diameter measurement from one tip to the opposite tip, or using radian measurement, measure along the curvature of the rib on one side up and down on the other side. For example, the diameter can vary from under 70 cm to over 130 cm, thus proving a wide range of sizes that can be used. When choosing an umbrella, if you are looking for a large umbrella, it is recommended that you choose a canopy diameter of at least 100 cm; in fact, the closer to 130 cm, the better!

Generally speaking, there are two styles of umbrellas, one is a compact folding umbrella, and the other is a larger stick umbrella. Since compact umbrellas need to be folded into a small space when not in use, the size of the canopy will naturally be more restricted than stick umbrellas. Generally, when you choose a stick umbrella, you can expect the coverage to increase by 30-40%.

Cover two or more people
Another great advantage of choosing a large umbrella is that it can provide protection for multiple people. In this way, one person can free up his hands to carry luggage, make phone calls, open doors, etc. On many levels, and in many everyday situations (such as taking children to school, romantic walks in the park), this approach is practical.

The sturdy frame will serve you well
Another major benefit of having a larger stick umbrella is the strength of the umbrella frame itself. Smaller folding umbrellas have many bends in their frame, and each bend can be regarded as a weak point, which is more likely to break under the action of strong winds. On the other hand, the frame of the stick umbrella is not bent, and each rib is a continuous piece of metal, plastic or fiberglass. Therefore, stick umbrellas will be stronger and can be used continuously in the next few years.

Tip-When considering which umbrella to buy, look carefully at the materials that make up the frame. The stronger materials that need attention are fiberglass and stainless steel. By choosing these materials, your umbrella will last longer than inferior materials.

Choose a comfortable handle
Another trick we have already mentioned is about the handles of large umbrellas. In short, the handles on stick umbrellas are more likely to be more comfortable, easier to hold and stronger. The handle is usually larger, which makes it very easy to hold the umbrella. Compared with this, the handle of a compact folding umbrella is smaller, so it can be stowed and placed in a small space, but such a grip may be more difficult to hold! The stick umbrella usually also has a curved handle, which looks very stylish and very practical because it can hook the umbrella to the arm when not in use.

Choosing the right umbrella according to your needs can be a daunting task, mainly because there are so many options for you to choose from! Literally, there are thousands of different models to choose from. We hope this article can help you greatly narrow your choices. When deciding which umbrella to buy, please take a closer look at the diameter of the awning, carefully consider the materials that make up the frame, and don’t forget the handle of the umbrella, which is comfortable and stylish. Buying lightweight umbrellas is now a breeze!
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