Various use of an umbrella
- 2021-08-24 17:14:16
We think of umbrellas as convenient accessories to protect us from the rain, but when we don’t rush to look for one in our bag, or blame ourselves for forgetting one, we rarely think about them. Although we often forget our umbrellas when we need them most, they can also come in handy for a range of unsuspecting purposes. Umbrellas have a wide range of uses. With some handy tips in this guide, you can get more uses than you originally imagined from a reliable rain shelter.
1. As a Sun umbrella
Umbrellas were originally used as parasols, not to protect against wet weather. It is a good idea to use a sun umbrella to block the sun, especially if there is no shade from trees or buildings in your area, such as on the beach or open countryside. In addition to preventing you from becoming too hot, staying in the shade can help prevent you from getting sunburned, which is not only very uncomfortable, but also can cause very serious diseases such as skin cancer.
Although colorful umbrellas may feel more suitable for summer, a black walking umbrella is actually the best because it can absorb heat and keep you cool under the umbrella.
2. As a Kite
Did you know that you can spend the perfect afternoon pastime with an old umbrella? With a little adjustment, an old umbrella can turn into a kite! Reuse it by manipulating the wireframe or adding some wooden sticks to create the shape of the kite. Then, use a string ball and a temporary handle to complete your invention and enjoy the challenge of making it fly. Autumn and winter are the best seasons to try this because it tends to be windier, which creates conditions for the best kite flying conditions!
3. As an Art installation
As early as 2017, Coppergate Shopping Center was in York. Shoppers sheltered from the rain under a series of hanging umbrellas. This energetic display made visitors smile regardless of whether it was raining or sunny. This is a slightly humorous installment. Previously, the center had installed deck chairs and sand pits on the beach area to celebrate the hot summer of the same year. However, the rain soon returned, and the success of the beach was short-lived; therefore, the street became a canvas called "Brollywalk", and many passers-by stopped to admire this eclectic tribute to the classic British summer. In this way, the umbrella becomes a cheerful, artistic expression of the impromptu shower that we all know and love (of course, when we carry the umbrella!). Umbrellas come in many colors and prints, they can make weird center decorations or event decorations
4. As a Plant Cover
Some plants do not perform well in heavy rain and need a little extra protection to survive the winter. So why not give them your umbrella? By pressing the umbrella handle firmly into the soil (be careful not to damage the roots), if you connect the stem and umbrella handle with some garden twine, it can act as a plant pile. This will keep the stems strong and provide some much-needed rain cover for the plant to avoid drowning the roots.
5. As a Flower pot
If you have a good, sturdy umbrella (we think the golf umbrella is the best choice), then you can create your own innovative flower pot! When the awning is half open, fix the tip of the umbrella on the ground; this point should be at least 10 cm below the ground level, and then fill its ¾ place with soil. Plant anything you like and watch them bloom! You may want to pierce a few holes in the canopy near the tip of the umbrella so that the plants have a chance to drain.
6. As a Children's mobile phones

An umbrella can make a beautiful children's mobile phone hang above the crib; Broly's material spreads light around the room in a soft way, creating a lovely and peaceful atmosphere. At each umbrella point, you can hang a hanging ornament (suitable for children of course) and hang the umbrella cart with a rope, and let it shake gently above the crib. This can form hours of entertainment time, which can be modified at any time !

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