The most popular type of custom umbrella promotion
- 2021-08-18 17:25:15
The way to leave a long-term impression is to choose products with high visibility, availability and quality. This is the correct formula for successful marketing.
Unlike static banners, custom umbrellas are usually mobile and can be seen everywhere on the street, providing opportunities for your brand promotion and a wider audience. In addition, as a promotional gift, custom umbrellas are relatively cheap.
You can promote your business with custom automatic opening umbrellas that use mini, folding, retractable, transparent and ventilated.
Some techniques can be used to improve the promotional effect of customized umbrellas:
1.Colorful custom umbrellas
Choose umbrellas with gorgeous colors to make customized promotional umbrellas. Even the most casual observer, brilliant colors will certainly attract attention. Match it to your theme or event to increase the effect. For example, if you plan to organize an AIDS awareness campaign, please choose a red umbrella. The more people you turn to, the more exposure your brand gets! Sometimes it only takes a little fancy color to attract the attention of everyone around you.
2.Internal printing on the umbrella
Umbrellas printed inside and outside will achieve perfect results through screen printing or digital printing, and will be able to attract others better.
You can include the inner print on any model of umbrella you want, and the golf umbrella will be the biggest choice for showing the inner print because the panel is the largest. Walking umbrellas with internal prints are a great choice for custom promotional umbrellas, such as use in the city. The internal prints on folding umbrellas are a surprise when giving umbrellas as gifts.
3.Canopy umbrella
Large canopy umbrellas are perfect for displaying your company logo or business message perfectly. If you are looking for a greater effect, why not consider ordering a brand on each side of the canopy and adjusting the color to achieve your purpose?

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