The beauty of golf umbrellas
- 2021-06-17 19:13:41
Golf should not be disturbed by the weather, So a good golf umbrella is particularly important

How to choose a good golf umbrella?
1.Long handle
Your golf umbrella needs a good handle. There are many handles to choose from on the market. The polyurethane handle is the best, comfortable and waterproof, and very durable. If you want to put the umbrella in your golf bag, it is recommended that you choose the long handle style instead of the curved handle style.

2.Uv protection
When playing golf, sun protection and UV protection are also very important. A good golf umbrella can not only block rain, but also effectively block UV rays.

3.Large size
In life, you may need a small umbrella, but on the golf course you need an umbrella large enough to protect you and your golf bag and let you play golf with a more comfortable feeling

4.Sturdy Frames
Golf umbrellas need to be protected from wind and rain, so a flexible and sturdy umbrella stand is very important.The umbrella frame made of glass fiber can resist wind and thunder, and is light in weight, convenient to carry, strong and durable.A good golf umbrella needs to resist high wind speeds so that when you are on the golf course, your umbrella will not be blown away by the wind.

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