Good Umbrella Buying Guide
- 2021-11-09 16:52:56
Do you carry an umbrella with you? Many men tend to take rain jackets instead of umbrellas. After all, we have all kinds of mountain-tested equipment, and we like to wear it. But in cities, when you walk into an office or meet a client, most of our worn-out jackets are not suitable.
When deciding to invest in an umbrella, it may be a hasty decision because you are rushing into a store to buy an umbrella to prevent accidental downpour, or it may be a decision made after careful consideration. If you are more prepared and think ahead, then you can explore the variety of umbrellas available without being bothered by inferior umbrellas that cannot withstand the weather.

How to choose a durable umbrella?
1. Rivet
On the umbrella, rivets are located at all the connection points connecting the ribs, as well as the position where the stretcher and the joint allow the frame to move. Rivets with metal frames should be solid, not hollow. These are the hardest to use, but provide the greatest durability. For carbon fiber or glass fiber ribs, this is not a big problem. Partially solid rivets (holes on one side only) can achieve a compromise, but are not the best solution.

Buying tip: Look for sturdy metal connectors.

2. size
For the actual size of the opened umbrella, please choose whatever you think is needed. On the golf course, you may want the largest golf club. In cities, you may want to choose a smaller diameter to better guide pedestrians on the street. In addition, larger umbrellas tend to carry more weight, which may or may not be what you want.

Buying tips: find the right size you need

3. Overall design
It depends largely on personal preference, do you want to stand out on the street or blend into the background? There are many design options for umbrellas, from fun cartoon umbrellas for children to adult exquisite handle umbrellas. Maybe your dream is to have an umbrella of various colors like a queen, which matches every piece of clothing in your closet.

Buying tips: choose your favorite color to buy.

4. Handle
The handle may be important to you, especially if you often carry an umbrella for a long time. You want to choose something that can be held comfortably in your hand, whether it's a stylish wooden handle that is perfect for making a delicate umbrella look, or a simple rubber handle that provides good grip and is perfect for windy weather.

Buying tip: look for a sturdy handle

5. Frame
The appearance of the frame shows its "validity period". In ascending order of durability, they are black paint, nickel, and brass. In order to resist the wind, the frame must be strong and flexible. The rib material should be able to deform quickly, but then spring back to its original shape. The future belongs to frames made of fiberglass because they are ultra-light and flexible. The frame made of tempered spring steel is more stable but also heavier.

Buying tip: Although aluminum frames are as light as a feather, they can quickly bend in strong winds.
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