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Automatic Travel Lightweight Anti-UV Sun Rain Folding Umbrella
Mini Folding Umbrella
Mini Folding Umbrella
Mini Folding Umbrella
Mini Folding Umbrella

Automatic Travel Lightweight Anti-UV Sun Rain Folding Umbrella

Automatic large sun rain folding umbrella, automatic opening and closing, wind resistance, will not be easily overturned by the wind, and effectively protect you from getting wet in the rain.
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Automatic Travel Lightweight Anti-UV Sun Rain Folding Umbrella

Sun rain folding umbrella details:
Sun rain folding umbrella
auto open and close
blue or customized
Customized Designs Accept

Sun rain folding umbrella feature:

One-hand switch for one second, saving time and effort
One-handed control, a light press, easy opening and closing in one second, regardless of wind, rain or sunshine, driving, riding, holding children, hand-carrying objects, you can freely open the umbrella in one second, breaking the burden of opening the umbrella with both hands.

Rain or shine, convenient and practical
It can block the wind and rain on rainy days, and can resist ultraviolet rays on sunny days, so it can cope with changing weather at any time.

Upgraded skeleton, strong windproof
Umbrella frame adopts a stable structure, glass fiber umbrella frame, can withstand the pulling force of 10KG, is not afraid of strong wind and rain, is not easy to fall apart, and has a longer service life.

Enlarge the umbrella surface, not afraid of getting wet
Increase the umbrella surface to 105cm, effectively increase the rain-proof area, will not get wet clothes, bags, two people holding umbrellas will not get wet.

Dense umbrella top design prevents rainwater infiltration
Stabilize the ribs while effectively preventing rainwater from infiltrating.

Sun rain folding umbrella size:

We can accept customization and provide all kinds of umbrellas, such as golf/walking umbrellas, folding umbrellas, inverted umbrellas, squirt umbrellas, etc. Consult us for the umbrella you need.

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