Classical Twin Discount Bedroom King Quilt Cover MG-046
2018-01-11 14:35:26

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Bring a luxurious feel to your bed with this solid-color cotton duvet set. Featuring a plain weave, this solid

 duvet set coordinate effortlessly with your existing bedding set. Each set contains a duvet cover, a bed

 sheet and two pillow cases.This bedding set makes for a comfortable night's rest. This solid bedding set

 is an addition to any room's decor. This bold color will liven up your bedroom.Compared with coating

 printing and dyeing, reactive printing and dyeing fabric feels smoother, softer, and more comfortable.A

 new generation of healthy printing and dyeing technology is employed to equip fabric with excellent

 dust-proof capability, high cleanliness, and high color fastness.

Selected raw materials, strict control of quality, selecting high quality cotton with white color, slender fiber

 plus pure natural green processing, make the products soft and delicate, breathable and comfortable.Our

 company uses high-quality pure cotton fabric which is pure white, highly gloss, comfortable, and soft. The

 application of environment-friendly printing and dyeing, ensure it not easy to fade even if it is washed for

 many times, dust-proof and clean. Pre-shrinking has employed to deal with the fabric in advance, so the

 characteristics of cotton fabrics easily getting shrinking is changed to the maximum extent.

Classic and low-key elements with a modest design charm add a few colors to your life, penetrating your

 taste and delight.Concise but not simple, fashionable style enables you to enjoy life, highlighting your

 noble quality ···Millions of colors and patterns exist in the world of bedding, but this item has its unique


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